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About Us

Inspiring in a marine adventure environment with fun, comfort and an educational, enriching experience! Captain Harold is an experienced veteran in whale watching tours.

We have more room with a view. Marine Wildlife Tours with a more intimate experience with only 12 passengers on a large vessel.

  • Rated #1 Boat Design (ISO6185-3:200)
    • Popular Zodiac Style, Category B (24 mile Offshore rating)
  • Largest & Roomiest 12 passenger Boat
  • Built for Long Range and All Weather Conditions
  • Ultimate Comfort with two distinctive Seating areas:
    • Indoor Heated Cabin
    • Outdoor Seating for Thrill Seakers
    • Freedom to move between Seating
    • Options at your leisure
  • On Board Washroom
  • Environmentally Friendly Technology
  • Ecologically Designed

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