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Humpbacks & Transient Orca

 It has been a great week on the water with a lot of wildlife & whales sighted everyday so far.  Yesterday was Humpbacks and the day before was Humpbacks with a huge Pod of Transient Orca!! Our skippers were very excited to see so many Orca & had an incredible show, as they watched the Transient Orca playing with one another.  

BC LUNA is going to be heading out continuously throughout the fall & winter - as the heated, dry cabin is perfect for all the types of west coast weather.

See you all on the water :)

Another Great Week

Once again, the west coast has kept us guessing. Victoria has been absolutely beautiful the past few days, the sun has been shining with just the right breeze to cool everything down. We haven`t been the only ones enjoying the weather. As usual, the coast of Vancouver Island is waking up and coming back to life. Bald eagles, seals, sea lions and whales are plentiful. We have had some pretty amazing encounters in the past few weeks. J pod is back; thankfully it looks like all the pod members survived the sonar testing with the exception of Sooke-L112.

More Whale sightings this week

Summer is coming!! It has been incredible weather and the whale sightings have been frequent.  We even got to sight a Humpback whale a few days ago, which is the first one of the year.  J-Pod have been back in the local area and a few members of L-Pod have been traveling with them, L87 & L88.  With more and more amazing weather expected throughout the week and weekend, its getting just too exciting for us here at BC Whale Tours.

Daily 3 hr wildlife tours are departing @2PM on either or both of our amazing vessels.

Our residents are back!!

The last few days have been incredible for whale watching, especially now that 2 of our resident Orca Pods (J & K) have been frequently sighted in the local area.  They did not disappoint our passengers either with spy hopping & tail slapping as they traveled along the beautiful coastline of Vancouver Island.  Our departure times are scheduled daily @2pm on either one of our luxurious & eco-friendly vessels - BC LUNA and/or BC ORCA.

Amazing Whale Shows!!

Hello everyone,

It has been quite a little while since I have updated this blog, as I have been spending a lot of time on the water enjoying the incredbile Orca sightings we have had lately.  Transient Pods have been seen almost daily on all of our Wildlife Tours with Passengers being awed by the sheer grace and power, and all whilst staying dry and warm on BC LUNA.

Great Dall's Porpoise show!

Yesterday was quite an incredible day to be on the water! Our passengers were delighted at the playful nature of a Pod of Dall's porpoise that continued to bow ride our open zodiac - BC ORCA in an awesome display of speed & grace.  The water was calm and it was a perfect west coast day to explore the beautiful untouched Coastline of Vancouver Island.  Other wildlife that were sighted include steller sea lions, harbour seals with their young pups, as well as a heap of bald eagles soaring high above in search of prey. 


Perfect weather & amazing wildlife sightings

Well, this last week has been quite up & down from a weather perspective.  With huge winds of 30+ knots one day and then 5-10knots the next, it did make it quite challenging to organise a wildlife experience for our passengers.  However, we did make it work and it was well worth the effort as every passenger had an amazing time.  The pristine rainforest of Vancouver Island provided perfect photograph opportunities, as well as, the huge abudance of marine life made the experience unforgettable for our international visitors.  Sea lions, seals, and a great amount of Ba

More Sightings this week!!

This week has been a great one for Killer Whales sightings!! With Residents and Transient Orca being spotted numerous times.  Wildlife Tours have been running almost daily on both our covered, heated vessel - BC LUNA, as well as, our open adventurous zodiac - BC ORCA.  Sea Lions, Elephant seals, harbour seals & their new young pups, along with bald eagles and porpoises have been delighting our passengers on all of our expeditions.  

Day for the water!!

Finally, the wind has dropped and today is looking like a perfect day to get on the water and go explore Vancouver Island's coastline and local wildlife.  Our last few tours were packed full of wildlife, including: sea lions, seals, eagles, & porpoises, as well as, the untouched virgin forests along Vancouver Island.

Our wildlife tours are departing daily @1:00PM on either our covered, heated zodiac - BC LUNA or the open, adventurous zodiac - BC ORCA!!!

More amazing weather Conditions!

The past weekend was again superb for being out the water to go explore Vancouver Island's coastline & to search for the beautiful local wildlife.  Steller Sea lions, California sea lions, elephant seals, harbour seals, harbour porpoises & dall's porpoises, as well as a heap of Bald Eagles.  Our passengers were thrilled the wildlife shows we were exposed to throughout our marine wildlife adventure.  All of this whilst staying completely dry & warm on our luxurious covered zodiac - BC LUNA

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