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Whale Watching Tours, Victoria BC

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Whale Watching:

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3-4 hours long depending on location of whales.

Cost: please contact us for prices

Departs: departure times are changing - please contact us for info

The time allotted depends on distance to Orcas as they forage in their preferred area of 100 miles around Victoria, B.C. We are able to guarantee Orca sightings because we use a fast, long range purpose-built luxury zodiac-style yacht.

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Wild Life Tours360 Island Tour

Victoria, British Columbia is one of the best places in the world for watching marine wildlife. The abundance of plankton that supports fish, marine mammals and birds produce a unique ecosystem for these species to thrive. This is why we are home to so many whales, particularly, orcas (killer whales). Three family pods (J, K and L) of 80 killer whales reside off southern Vancouver Island making Victoria perfectly situated in the middle of their foraging range, which is a hundred mile radius around Victoria, B.C.

While the goal of our tours in to observe orcas, along the way we also see lots of other marine wildlife such as humpback whales, grey whales, sea lions, porpoises, bald eagles and many other birds and species that make their home along this beautiful coastline of Vancouver Island. Orcas live in this specific area because of the hundreds of rivers that support salmon habitat which is the main food for our resident killer whale families. Only B.C. offers this high concentration of salmon that support so many orcas in one place to make this the most spectacular whale watching experience in the world!

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